Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice

This was a movie that I was super-excited to see for quite some time. Then I became apprehensive because I had read some of the “professional critics” reviews. To quote my lovely wife, “I don’t know what those critics were thinking, it was freaking awesome!”

Although it is true that this movie will not win any Oscars, it was a great movie. I believe some critics and moviegoers don’t like that the tone of the DC movies are “darker” when compared to the Marvel universe. I actually kind of like the fact that the two are very different. Otherwise it’s just more of the same. These movies have a “grit” about them. It gives the movies a totally different feel that may be truer to life than the glee that is always the overall tone of the Marvel movies. I think true comic book geeks may not like the movie because it didn’t follow the comic books exactly (since I didn’t read them, that doesn’t bother me). There are some “oh, really” moments, like the fact that the whole thing ends up turning because of a coincidence (how’s that for a teaser?). Also, how many times do Batman movies have to show us his parents getting killed (I promise that’s the only spoiler)? I see that some critics slammed this because too much is packed into this movie (that’s bad??), or there’s so much action it smothers the story (is that possible??). To be honest, I know that when we see it again, I will pick up on things that I missed the first time around, but I don’t think that’s a negative at all. I thought the movie did a stupendous job of mixing in the action, combining Batman’s and Superman’s point of view, telling the story, and setting up the Justice League concept. This movie has plenty of action and is great for people who enjoy these superhero genre movies (and yes, my frequent readers know I fall into that category). I was teetering between 4.5 and 5 Icees, but then I realized that I can’t wait to see it again on Saturday (this time in 3D), and if a movie leaves me feeling this way, it’s got to be a 5 Icee movie! We didn’t stay through the credits but I have read enough websites to safely report that there are no scenes following them. If you enjoy superhero movies, you should go to the theater and see this one!!

Some additional comments about the Batman V Superman movie…

Seeing it in 3D doesn’t really add anything to the movie.

Some of the trailers were very misleading.

All the destruction in Man Of Steel was not just for show. It had a purpose.

Wonder Woman is as fierce as you’d think, with a smirk. In fact, you end up wishing she were in the movie more.

Where does Wonder Woman pack her sword and shield when she travels?

Lex Luther has great private investigators. They can find out almost anything.

Chris Pine makes a cameo…. sort of

Somehow Aquaman can get tattoos under water.

Who knew that both keys necessary to fire a nuke are kept in the same box?

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