Captain America: Civil War

Watched Captain America: Civil War because I truly enjoy these latest superhero movies. What can I say? If you like Marvel movies (and I do), you will absolutely flip over this one. I give it 5 Icees without any reservation. This is a long movie (about 2.5hrs long), but it seems to fly by. They fit (note I did not say “cram”) so much into this film that I’m glad we’re seeing it again tomorrow. I thought that they did an excellent job of providing just enough information on Black Panther and Spiderman so that their inclusion into the movie feels right. The action (and there is a lot of it) flowed seamlessly throughout. The acting was great in that you could feel the emotion as the team was torn apart. Of course, this is a Marvel movie so the humor is present throughout (unlike the DC approach, which I like as well). It is especially prominent during the airport fighting scene, which is fantastic.

They acknowledged the absence of Hulk and Thor a couple of times, but I thought it worked without them. I mean seriously, if you add a demigod and Hulk, the battle really tips. Speaking of other Avengers, as you know from the trailers, this movie has most of the ones we know and some new ones. They even made Emily VanCamp’s role a bit more prominent role (which I think fit in really well). I also liked that they delved a little deeper into the Avengers added in Ultron, Scarlet Witch (Elizabeth Olsen, who in my opinion is the prettiest of the Olsen sisters) and Vision. Even though it appears like an Avengers movie, it was clear when watching that this was a Captain America movie as it really did center around him and Bucky, with Iron Man playing a strong supporting role.

The ending was not what I expected, which I like as sometimes predictability is not a good thing (closest thing to a spoiler I will provide). I am so glad we are seeing it again tomorrow because I’m sure there are things I missed the first time around. If I catch anything tomorrow that I missed tonight, I will add more to this review. I wholeheartedly recommend this movie. There is a scene during the credits and one after the credits have ended. Enjoy this movie. I know we did!!


  1. I have heard tell from all sorts of Marvel Fans – CACW is by far THE BEST Marvel movie so far….

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