Watched Deadpool because, well… I’m a sucker for superhero movies. I give it 4 Icees. However, be warned that this movie more than earns its “R” rating. Although this is a Marvel movie, it was not made by Marvel Cinemas. It is a 20th Century Fox film and is not a typical superhero movie. But then again, Deadpool is not a typical superhero. The movie is full of sarcasm, which I enjoyed vastly. That being the case, I still think they went further than necessary with the graphic sexual dialog. The “Graphic Nudity” that is on the R-rating was a sex scene that really didn’t add anything to the movie and could have easily been left out. I know that this type of dialog is a Deadpool trait, but I just think they went further than they had to. It was a very funny, very action packed, gruesome at times movie. I am glad that it is doing so well at the box office that it’s pretty much guaranteed a sequel. Hopefully they will realize that they don’t need to go as far the next time. Seeing that it is made by the same studios that keep messing up any continuity with the X-men movies (I’ll go more into that when the X-men: Apocalypse comes out), I just hope they can keep their story lines straight in future films. There is a funny scene after the credits, which strangely enough aren’t as long as most movies. If you are over 21 and have no issues with this type of language, I whole-heartedly recommend this film. Otherwise, wait until you’re older to go see it.