Divergent Series: Allegiant

I was really looking forward to this movie, as I have enjoyed the previous 2. However, of the 3 movies so far, this was the least enjoyable. I give it 2.5 Icees. If you are like me and really enjoyed the first two movies, this one will be disappointing, but at the same time necessary because it moves the story along. In this movie you’ll get much of the back-story of Chicago and the factions. There are only a couple of action scenes, as this is more about bridging filling the gaps of the previous two movies and setting up the final chapter that is supposed to come out next year. Without the action scenes, the actors had a chance to show their skills as actors and most of them didn’t do overly great. Many of the lines were forced or out of place. It just didn’t “flow” well to me. I think Deb liked it more than I did, but overall I would recommend waiting until it comes out on video and not spending the money to go to a theater to see it (unless it’s just a date night). No scene after the credits.


  1. Acendant is the part 2 of allegiant, so if it follows the tradition of Twilight series and Harry Potter series, the second part (due to be released in June of 2017) the second half should be much better.

    • It may never get made! Ascendant was a bust at the box office and Lionsgate has made the decision to do it as a TV movie instead of a theatrical release. Rumors are that the stars may not return for that… So this may be it!

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