Watched Kung Fu Panda 3, as the first two were pretty entertaining and I was off work today, so I decided to take in a movie. First, the looks a 50-year old man gets being the only adult in a theater during a kids’ movie is something else. Can’t a guy just like watching a movie?
Anyway, back to the review. If you liked the previous two KFP movies, you’ll like this one as well. I thought it was much better than KFP2, but not quite as good as the original. I give it 3.5 Icees. The humor was there and there wasn’t near as many slow spots as I felt there was in KFP2. It will be interesting to see if Po ever fully discovers himself so that the writers and producers can move on to other storylines. As you could probably tell from the trailers, Po discovers his father in this one. I’d like to see a movie where they tell the story of Tigress or one of the other characters. If this movie is successful, they really do have a plethora of other storylines they could use. There are no scenes after the credits (and by the way, the strange looks kept coming as I sat by myself waiting for the credits to run). I recommend this movie if you have little ones, and judging by the reactions of the kids in the theater today, they really liked it.