5th Wave, The

Watched The 5th Wave because it looked pretty interesting in the trailers. Deb and I both
enjoyed it, but it we couldn’t call it a “great” movie by any stretch. There have been many
alien-invasion themed movies before, and this one is an acceptable entry into that genre.
They did some unique takes on the topic, but when it boils down this was really a teen flick
which tried to compare with Hunger Games, Maze Runner or Divergent, and in that regard
they fell short. The plot wasn’t nearly as good, and there really wasn’t enough action either.
However, if you are looking for a decent movie during the dry spell that is January 2016, this is a decent outing. I give it 3 Icees, and there are no scenes after the credits.


  1. the ending is starting to remind me of cloverfield. Perhaps a sequel in the works?

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