Watched The Huntsman: Winter’s War because I enjoyed the first movie and so I was hopeful that the second would be as good. I mean, the same actors minus Kristen Stewart and adding Emily Blunt and Jessica Chastain. What could be better, right? Well, this could have been better, that’s for sure. I give it 2 Icees (down from my original thought of 2.5). It’s difficult to imagine that if you combine Charlize, Emily, Chris and Jessica that you could come up with a less-than-great movie. Well, unfortunately, they did just that. There were some enjoyable parts, but it was nothing like the trailers would lead you to believe. There were no great battles between the sisters (just one mediocre one), no awesome fight scenes, just some decent dialog (if you could excuse the inconsistent accents… and that is not easy to do) and some cute dwarf interaction. This movie could have been so much more, but for some reason it just seemed like they were pushing to get a prequel/sequel out the door no matter how bad it may be. Also, one thing I hate about prequels or sequels (and spoiler, this is both) is inconsistency. You have to forget that in the first movie Ravena only had a brother in her flashbacks. Now, suddenly there is no brother to be found and it’s a sister now. There were some interesting twists, but nothing super-surprising or revelational. Sadly, I recommend skipping this one until it is out at Redbox. No scene after the credits.