Watched The Jungle Book with Deb. Originally I had not intended to watch this movie, as I thought that it really wouldn’t be my cup of tea (which, but the way, I don’t even like tea, but that is a whole other story). However there wasn’t anything coming out this week so we decided to see it. Besides it got such rave reviews and is doing so well at the box office, I decided to give it a shot. I’m glad I did. I give it 3.5 Icees. Although not a “great” movie, it was fine. I have never seen the cartoon version, or if I did I don’t remember it. The CGI characters were done really well, probably some of the best I’ve seen. The only sub-par performance was that of the human. The kid just wasn’t good, as many child actors aren’t. Although this is rated PG, there are some intense scenes that parents should be careful of if thinking about bringing small children. If you have nothing else to see this weekend, this is nice enough to go see. There is a set of scenes during the credits but nothing after them.