Money Monster

The reason this movie caught my eye was the cast. Julia Roberts (more on her in a moment) and George Clooney lead the way and with the plot as shown in the trailers, it looked like it could be a decent movie. I think that is a good word to describe it…  Decent.  Not great. Not overly suspenseful. Not what I would call a “hostage thriller”.  Just decent.  This is why I settled on 3 Icees (out of 5). The plot could have been a “Vote For Bernie ” or (going back a few years) an “Occupy Wall Street” production.  Big money bad; average guy good. Not that this is the first movie to depict this, but this really does kind of hit you over the head with the concept. However, despite that obvious undertone, this still turned out pretty decent.

Julia Roberts did the best acting job of all on this film. I have to admit, she is an amazing actress. That being said, I still don’t get how she was cast as “Pretty Woman” or how she won People’s “Most Beautiful Woman” 3 times. She’s average, which isn’t bad.. but she isn’t all that and a bag of chips. Okay, now that I’m done with my Julia rant, let’s get back to her work on this film.  She may have played second fiddle to George, but her character was the most consistent. She did an amazing job portraying the stress that would happen in this situation. On the other hand, George flip-flopped between whiny rich guy and the man who takes on the cause a bit too much for me. I would give him a ‘B’.

The cast around the two were pretty good. Jack O’Connell, who I had never heard of before this movie, did a pretty good job playing the gunman/bomber. The story however, was a bit too obvious for me. I do think this was a good movie, but not a great one. There is quite a bit of language (earning its ‘R’ rating) but nothing over-the-top. There is no scene after the credits (as reported by  If you want a dramatic film that doesn’t contain lots of action or superheroes, this is a good one to go see. If you want an oscar-worthy movie, then elsewhere you must look.  Enjoy!  Next week I plan to see “The Nice Guys”. Until then, check in once in awhile as I hope to have some new trailers up soon!

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  1. I liked this movie too … Thought Julia Roberts was great! I feel bad for Clooney’s assistant … he had a bad day too!

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