Angry Or Nice?

Oh the decisions. This week I thought for sure we would be seeing the Angry Birds movie. Instead, after seeing several trailers and some positive reviews we decided to watch The Nice Guys. We will see that on Sunday night because we had some friends over for a fun weekend. I really want to see the birds so next weekend I plan to see both the Angry Birds and X-Men: Apocolypse.  The schedule for this summer (see earlier post) looks awesome this summer with at least one movie every weekend, so please stop by and tell your friends (and enemies)!


  1. Looking forward to hearing about nice guys….angry birds should be funny!

  2. Angry Birds looked funny, that’s for sure. Nice Guys looked good too, but the R rating almost concerns me because it makes me think the movie will be filled with too many F-words. I don’t mind if there are a few, but some movies go overboard with it unnecessarily and it ruins the movie for me.

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