So I was thinking we were going to see The Angry Birds this weekend, but instead we decided to watch The Nice Guys. After watching it, I think I was the one that was angry. I can only give it 2.5 Icees. I know that the “professional critics” loved this movie, and according to Rotten Tomatoes, so did most of the audience. I on the other hand only liked parts of it. I thought that the interaction between Crown and Gosling was great comedic fodder. The banter back and forth was hilarious (even the bit they took from Abbott and Costello). However, whenever the focus was not on those two, the movie dropped below the funny line and went into stupid. The daughter in the movie was a good enough actress (especially for a child actress), but the character just wasn’t believable. Kim Basinger’s character and lines were far below her talents despite the fact that her role was very small. On a side note, for someone who used to be a very beautiful lady, she appeared in the movie like she’s spent a lot of money on plastic surgery that really hasn’t worked out well for her.

Anyway, back to the film. It definitely earns its “R” rating. The violence in the movie was actually decently done, but the nudity (which started with the opening scene) was forced in and didn’t really fit the flow of the film. There are plenty of f-bombs and other language throughout the movie but it wasn’t overdone (like for example it is in most Melissa McCarthy movies). They set the period well with the clothing, and references in the background (like a billboard for Airport ’77). In fact, I thought I caught them in a mistake, but turns out 9-1-1 really did exist in 1977.  The plot has a couple of turns that I didn’t expect, which was nice. My recommendation is that since there are plenty of better movies to watch right now, I would wait until this hits your local Redbox.