So as most of my readers know, I love superhero movies. Marvel. DC. Whatever. I enjoy them. I really enjoyed the first 2 X-Men movies (Last Stand was a bit much, but it was ok). Then they started with this “First Class” group of movies. I was all on board except it was like they totally forgot the first 3 movies. For example, in the first set of movies, Charles was older (aka Patrick Stewart) when he and Eric met Jane, who was a child. Charles was also walking at that point. In this new set of movies, Charles is paralyzed when he is younger and he is about to meet Jane in Apocalypse and their not that far apart in age.  Really??  I mean.. Really??  Ok, some people have told me these movies are a different “universe” than the first 3.  Sorry, but the first of these movies shot that theory down since Wolverine was sent back to talk with them thereby combining these two into one universe. This whole set of “younger mutants” just throws the first 3 movies under the bus for me. Now, people know about mutants in the 80s despite the fact that in the original movies nobody knew anything about them.

Then there’s Mystique. In the original movies, she was with Eric and not with Charles. However, in these later movies she’s all good. Is that because J-Law is playing her? If so, will she ever buy in to playing Mystique as a bad person?  Rebecca Romijn played this role beautifully (both figuratively and literally). Hopefully at some point if J-Law continues to do these movies she can make that transition.

I know I need to let these things go, but they really irritate me.  So as I head to the theater later today to go see X-Men: Apocalypse, I will try to just let these things go and enjoy the movie (if it’s good, that is).  I will of course update my blog after the movie.  Thank you to all my readers (makes it sound like I have hundreds, doesn’t it?) and I will do my best to keep this blog enjoyable and informative.