When I do a review, unlike the “real” critics you’ll see in the papers or on TV, I do them based upon what type of movie it is.  For example, when I am thinking of a rating for a movie like this, I’m not comparing it to The Butler or Lincoln. I am giving my rating based upon the fact that this is a movie that is intended to be fun and targeted for pre-teen boys. In that respect, this movie hit its mark big-time. If you enjoyed the first movie, you’ll love this one.  If you didn’t enjoy the first, you probably won’t care for this one either.  I think this one is much better than the first and checks all the appropriate boxes for a movie for this genre.  I give it 4 Icees (out of 5) based on the fact that it succeeds at what it is trying to be… a fun, pre-teen (or just plain TMNT fan) targeted movie.

The first box it checks off is the most important and that is that the comedic banter is fun.  Yes, there are the pre-teen targeted humor of a fart joke and a warthog picking its nose, but the back and forth is also funny.  The Michelangelo (Mikey) character has the best lines and hits them with timely precision. Secondly, the eye candy that is Megan Fox is present (and they give her plenty of glamor shots to show that off). She is a very attractive lady and I have to admit that her acting has improved since the first movie. But really, if I have to be honest that’s really not saying much.  But it does appears that her acting improves each time I see her. At this rate, if she does another 30-40 movies, she’ll be half-way decent. Third is the action. It is PG-13 for Sci-fi violence and it has a decent amount of fight scenes although to be honest it could have done with a few more.  The turtles shine when they are kicking butt and I think if they had kicked more in this movie, it would have been better.

The movie does spend a lot of time with one of the sub-themes, which is whether or not the turtles should be more “out of the shadows”. Fortunately, that’s about the extent of the “deepness” of this film as the focus gets back to the fun.  If you are a true TMNT fan, or an 10-14 year-old boy, you’ll get a kick out of this movie.  I know I did.  If you’re looking for a deep emotional film, why would you even consider this??  Go and enjoy it for what it is!

No scene after the credits…. Enjoy!  Next week I hope to catch both Warcraft and Now You See Me 2.  As always, if you enjoy my blog, tell your friends!