Now first I must confess I know almost nothing about the video game on which this is based. I know that there are orcs, magic, fighters, elves and dwarves.  That’s about the extent of my knowledge. That being said the movie trailers looked good and it appeared the cinematography would be great. In fact, it looked like it almost had a Lord of the Rings look to it. My expectations weren’t that high as I’ve been disappointed lately by some of the films that have come out. So we watched the movie and then I sat down to do this blog entry.  I have to confess that I’ve read some of the “professional” critics who down-right hated this movie, including putting in some funny but mean taglines. I also saw an article that this movie is a huge hit in China (for whatever that is worth).

So what else did I know before I started typing this blog entry?  I know that I really enjoyed this movie! I actually give it 4 Icees (out of 5). No, it’s cinematography isn’t up to LOTR standards, but it’s pretty good. Despite what you may read elsewhere, it really does have a plot and it’s not a bad one. One thing I really liked about the way this movie was made is that they gave some of the orcs a true personality, unlike LOTR where they were really just mindless followers. Don’t get me wrong, there’s plenty of them too, but some of the main orcan (orcian?) characters had a touch of depth to them, and I liked that they spent time not only developing the human characters but also some of the orcs. I think that was a good move on the part of the writers. I think the best acting job in this movie was done by Paula Patton, who did an excellent job with her character. I would go into detail but would have to include spoilers and I try to avoid that.

They also did a good job of mixing in magic without it being all about magic, fighting without it being all about fighting, and a couple of plot twists that I won’t say surprised me, but were nice to be included anyway. No, this movie won’t compare to LOTR in any type of fashion. However to be honest there was one thing LOTR had that this movie didn’t have and that was lulls. In the LOTR trilogy there were so many slow spots it killed me.  This movie doesn’t have that and I like that fact. Although this movie won’t win any awards, it is worth seeing and I hope they make a sequel (and yes, they did make sure they set it up for one).

Parents, be warned that this movie is called WARcraft, so there is fighting, and although it is CGI fighting, it is still fighting and was a tad graphic. Not “you see guts everywhere” graphic, but certainly they smash heads (literally) and plenty of swords going through bodies, so if you don’t want you little ones seeing that, now you know. I think it’s fine for pre-teens, but wouldn’t recommend for anyone under 10.  There are no scenes after the credits, per Mediastinger.com.

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  1. I’m interested to see what fans of the game will think of this movie.
    I liked it too … I was surprised how much time they spent developing characters instead of non-stop fighting.

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