I went into this movie being a Rock fan and not really liking anything that Kevin Hart has ever done. I mean, I know he’s a funny comedian but I just could never get into any of his movies. That all changed with this one! He and The Rock are an extremely funny duo. This movie reminded me of some of the best buddy-cop movies, like the Lethal Weapon and 48hrs movies. Now this isn’t as good as them, but it is much funnier.  I give this 4 Icees out of 5. The Rock pulled off being a nerdy muscle guy (if such a thing actually exists) hysterically, and Kevin Hart played the “normal” guy with great comedic timing.

The plot was a little simplistic, but I wouldn’t expect an intricate plot in a movie like this. This movie was just funny. Not stupid funny (think a normal Kevin Hart movie, or Will Ferrell, or others I have hated), but just funny. Kevin’s normal outlandish reactions were tempered just enough to still be funny without crossing the line.

Yes, there is language throughout, but no nudity (other than a butt or two). The action is sparse but when it is there it is pretty good. There was something about this movie I can’t quite put my finger on, but I just really enjoyed it. I can’t even say why.  I just did! I think you will do and wholeheartedly recommend seeing it.

There are outtakes during the first part of the credits which are great, and a voice at the end (not worth sticking around for). If you want to just relax and have fun, this is a good movie to go see.