I went to see two movies today, this and Central Intelligence. Little did I realize that this is the one that would disappoint me. I know that in this opinion, I am in the minority. I was expecting that after 13 years to plan this movie out (okay, maybe they didn’t take 13 years to do it, but however the actual planning was, it wasn’t long enough), it would be funny and heartwarming. They succeeded in only one of these, which was heartwarming.  I give it 2.5 Icees (out of 5).

Dory was one of the best characters (if not THE best) of Finding Nemo, so one would expect that a movie with her at the center would be awesome. Well, one would be disappointed then. Her memory issues seemed to be come and go. At times, her memory loss would be almost immediate and at other times, it seems like it didn’t exist at all. That lack of consistency irritates me. Either she has the condition or she doesn’t, for pete’s sake. Speaking of Pete… I saw a trailer for Pete’s Dragon… Doesn’t look that great, but I’ll save that for another post.

I was a huge fan of the original. It was innovative, had fun characters, and was just… well… fun.  In this movie, some of the old favorites have cameos (cowabunga dude), but the new characters just aren’t that interesting, with the exception of the septapuss (you’ll understand if you watch the movie).

On the plus side, there were some good “awww” moments in the film, in accordance with normal Pixar procedures. The animation was great. The seals were funny. Destiny was done well. The movie did get 2.5 Icees after all, so it wasn’t a “Hail Caesar” or anything.

Now, having said all that. The kids in the theater seemed to really enjoy it. Of course, many of them weren’t actually watching the whole movie. The two young ladies with their father that were sitting next to me were too busy chatting and asking dad questions to actually be watching the film.  But when it was over, wow did they clap like they just saw the best picture ever made. In that regard, if you have young children, apparently this is a great movie to take them to. I would say between the ages of 6 and 10. Any older than that and I think they’ll be bored to tears.

There is a scene after the credits, and during the credits Hank pops up in various places.

Next week, the plan is to see Independence Day: Resurgence and Free State of Jones.