As a children’s movie, I give this 4 Icees (out of 5). I have to admit that I went to this movie solely because of this blog and my readers. I had no desire to see this movie. It looked all sappy and boring and I just wasn’t interested. Before I walked in I had my mind made up that I would not like this movie.  I was all ready with other ways to work the acronym ‘BFG’, including some that shouldn’t be applied to a children’s movie.

Shame on me! Despite all my ill intentions, I found this movie to be simply delightful. It’s not great, but for a children’s movie it really is good (hence, the 4 Icee rating). It creates danger without going into violence. It creates levity without going stupid-funny (although the bubbles going down does come close).

The CGI work on this was really good. I watched it in 3D so it really showed off the work done to make the backgrounds look great. There were a couple of spots where the CGI didn’t come off as seamless as others, but overall it worked really well. The story is simple, but sweet. There is enough tomfoolery with the way the BFG speaks that it kept the kids in the theater engaged. I don’t know that I would think that really little kids would get this movie, but I think kids 7 and up would be able to handle it fine.

The action scenes stop short of being “scary”, and I think the movie does a good job touching on (but not diving full-bore into) the topic of bullying. This movie really kept my interest throughout, which honestly surprised me.

Per, there are no scenes after the credits. If you have some pre-teens, this is a pretty good way to spend a couple of hours during the holiday weekend.