I give this movie a solid 4 Icees. I know that the ‘professional’ critics hated this movie, but I don’t understand why. This movie isn’t a rip-roaring action movie, so if you’re looking for that you will be sadly disappointed. It isn’t going to win any acting oscars, although I think Margot Robbie did an excellent job as Jane.

So why did I like this movie?  Well, it was enjoyable to watch. It told the backstory of Tarzan in flashbacks as the primary story moved along and I think that worked well. Add a healthy helping of CGI done pretty well and throw in a little humor in the name of Samuel L. Jackson and the result is an enjoyable movie. The movie is also a love story. It shows Tarzan’s devotion not only to Jane, which is primary, but also to the place and animals where he was raised. His devotion is powerful, as is he.

The only continuity problem I saw was in the “disappearing/reappearing rifle”, but unless you think about it I don’t think you’d even notice it. The movie does a good job of moving the story along, albeit at a deliberate, unhurried pace. I wouldn’t call it slow at all, but merely well thought out.

The best performances in the movie go to Sam and Margot. Margot Robbie’s Jane is no damsel in distress. She is strong-willed and head-strong. This is a welcome change from the norm. Sam does a good job of adding just a touch of comic relief. Not laugh out loud funny, but a good chuckle here and there. As far as Alexander Skarsgard playing Tarzan, I thought he was a little too stiff. I understand why the director chose to go that way, but it just didn’t come off right to me. With him and Margot in the film, there was plenty of eye candy for all. There were plenty of scenes with Alex’s abs front and center as well as Margot’s eyes, but both were done in a way that worked with the story.

I watched it in 3D, and I don’t know that it really added anything to the movie. There are no scenes after the credits (thank you aftercredits.com). I think this is an enjoyable movie and I wholeheartedly recommend seeing it.