Star Trek: Beyond

I give this 4.5 Icees (out of 5). For those that don’t know, this is my rating system. I need to figure out a way to put that in a prominent position on my blog.  Perhaps in the About The Don section.  Anyway, I need to get back to the review itself, so here goes.

I first must confess I really have enjoyed this reboot of the series. Whether JJ is directing it or merely producing it, he makes sure the end result is exceptional. To me, this is another example of that. This episode in the franchise kind of took me back to the series in the way that this was about exploring an unknown planet and was a good mix of drama, action and just a touch of comedy. I won’t give out any spoilers, but let’s just say trouble ensues.

With Jeremy Lin at the helm, there was also a good mix of action but it stops well short of being a Fast and Furious movie.  We also get some of the humor that was present during the first two movies. This movie also accentuates some of the relationships that the TV series worked on so well.  In the previous 2 movies in this franchise the focus was primarily on Kirk and Spock or Kirk and Bones. In this one, there is good relationship shown between Bones and Spock.

Idris Elba and Sofia Boutella did exceptional in their roles. I can see why Idris is the latest hot commodity (other than Anna Kendrick who surprisingly missed being in at least one movie this year), and Sofia (who you may remember as the lady with the prosthetics in Kingsman) is someone I hope we will see more of.  She had a couple of fight scenes and did them quite well.

It was sad to see Anton Yelchin knowing that he was tragically and unexpectedly killed in an accident just a few months after filming began.  He didn’t have a lot of scenes in this movie, but he did have enough to think about how he won’t be in future installments. Speaking of which, they have already talked about a Star Trek 4, and somehow they are going to bring Chris Hemsworth back to portray Kirk’s father (you know JJ loves him some time travel).

If you enjoyed the first two movies in this franchise reboot, I believe you will enjoy this one as well. We watched this in IMAX 3D and I must admit the 3D was worth the extra few dollars. This is true especially during scenes I can’t talk about without giving up spoilers but also as the credits start to roll.  There is no scene during or after the credits but they do have some pretty cool outer space shots that look pretty good in 3D. Another thing that they did which I thought was appropriate was that shortly after the main characters’ names come up they have a pause in which “In loving memory of Leonard Nimoy”, and then “For Anton” come up.

Enjoy!!! I know we did.  Next week I plan to see/review Jason Bourne! Yet another franchise that I have thoroughly enjoyed (although the one with Jeremy Renner… eh, not so much) and the trailers make it look like this one will be another great entry! Until then, please continue to come back and enjoy the daily trailers and feel free to comment!

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  1. normally shy away from the 3D thang at the movies….couldn’t avoid it for this one….sitting there with 3D Glass over the regular glasses…yeah, but the theater is dark… nobody noticed — THEN it happens — Star Trek 3DDDDD…what a blast!!!!!!! Seriously…I take it all back what ever I said before about 3D – here’s my rating for this movie – I’m buying the DVD…..

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