Jason Bourne

I hesitantly give this movie 3 Icees (out of 5).  Before I say why, I feel that in the interest of full disclosure I should mention I have always been a huge Jason Bourne fan. I thought the first three movies were great, and have a mental block about the 4th so I don’t even think of that one. The original trilogy had a smooth theme about them and it was as much about the story as it was the action (which was always great).

In this movie, there is still some good action and an awesome car chase scene at the end, but the story is lacking. Also, I wish they would stop it with the Blair Witch handheld style of filming whenever there is a fight scene.  It almost makes my eyes hurt sometimes.  Also, there weren’t as many of Bourne doing his moves that I would’ve expected and liked to have seen. The plot in this movie felt forced and didn’t really flow well. In fact, at times it seemed as herky-jerky as that filming I was just talking about.

The actors were serviceable enough. Julia Stiles was looking pretty rough for her old age of 35 (looked closer to 45 in the film) and Tommy Lee looked every bit the 70 that he is. Matt Damon was good, but I sure hope he didn’t get paid by the word because he didn’t have many lines in this film at all.

Okay, so there’s the bad and I’m guessing you’re wondering at this point how I even gave it 3 Icees, right? Well, first off although forced it did bring in some new information into the Bourne story. Also, the car chase scene at the end was pretty darn good, and it’s Jason Freakin’ Bourne.  I hope they do another one but with a better story.

Another bright spot in this movie was Alicia Vikander. I can’t really talk about why I thought she did a good job because that would bring in some spoilers but suffice it to say that I “got” her character and I thought she pulled it off perfectly.

All in all, if you’re a Bourne fan like I am, you’ll like this movie but not love it.  If not, you may not care for it. I probably should have given this a 2.5, but I think it pulled off a 3.  I would recommend waiting until it comes out on video.

No scene during or after the credits… Enjoy.  Next week, Suicide Squad!!

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  1. Jason Freakin’ Bourne for crying out loud…..Ah Yeah!
    Forget the “should of” “could of” “but they didn’t” “you would think…”
    Just sit back and enjoy what the Bourne man does best….the question to ask is… will the Matt man do another one??? He’s 45 now…..

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