I give this imperfect movie a solid 4 Icees (out of 5).  I have to admit, I was getting really worried as I saw the Rotten Tomatoes score plummet from 35% (which isn’t a great start) down to 26%, which is where it’s at as I write this post.  But I really liked this movie.  This movie is a great example of why I started this blog. I’m not a classically trained critic, or unclassically trained for that matter. I just know what I like, and one of the things that I like is the Marvel and DC comic book movies. The two studios have chosen different paths, and I like that! I also like action, and this has that. I like characters with character, and this has that, although they’re developed, they’re really not developed as well as I would have liked… but then the movie would have been 3hrs long (instead of 2) and people would whine and complain about that, so there’s no winning for losing (which is a really odd phrase).

Now, before I go into why I liked this movie, there are some things that the professional critics say that I have admit are true.  It is aggravating that some of the scenes from the trailers aren’t even in the movie!  The line where the Joker tells someone he’s going to show them his “toys”, not there. The line where Diablo asks for water and Harley says, “Good call”, not there.  I think that this boarders on false advertising and it did take me back when the scene would happen and these lines weren’t included.  Also, the editing is odd, with a few scenes included that really didn’t need to be, and several instances where it just seemed like something was missing.  I imagine those will be in the blu-ray.  And finally, the movie did seem disjointed at times.

So how do I give this a “solid 4 Icees”?  Simple, it was fun! It was enjoyable. Isn’t that why you go to the movies? Although you have to suspend belief (this is a comic book movie, after all), the characters came off really well.  Chief among them is Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn. The director definitely liked showing off Margot’s fit figure, but she’s not just a sexpot. Margot really captured the movie with her craziness, her one-liners, and her love for Mr. J. Next up is Will Smith as Deadshot. This seemed like the ol’ Will Smith. The one from Independence Day. The cocky, self-assured smart alec.  The other “heroes” had lesser roles but were very good nonetheless. The action was good… not great… but solidly good.

I imagine there will be several minutes of extra movie when the blu-ray comes out, but I’m not waiting for the release to see this movie again. I’m seeing it with my lovely wife tonight!  There is a scene during the credits which helps to set up Justice League, but nothing after that.  If you hated Batman vs Superman, you may only like this, as the general tone is still the same, only a bit lighter.  I’m not sure if I will see any movies next weekend as none of them really interest me and since not enough people are clicking the ads I’m still paying for these tickets out of my own pocket (lol)…  but don’t worry, the daily trailers will still come up and I’ll be back reviewing another movie before you know it.  Please comment and let me know what you think if you go and see it.  I’d love to get some interaction going, especially from my fan from Iraq!  Too cool!