I give this movie just 2 Icees (out of 5), but my wife loved it!  It’s almost like we watch two different movies.  I saw a slow, plodding plot, and she saw beauty and a wonderful story.  I saw fantasy that had no basis whatsoever in reality and she saw spirituality.  This may be one of those left-brain/right-brain movies.  The professional critics are on her side (and they are also artistic types) as it currently has a 94% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

So as this movie is starting, I’m thinking to myself… This is one of those “why did they make this” and “why did I pay to see this” and “my gosh can they just get on with the story” type of movies. To say it starts out slow is an insult to all things slow. It is mind-numbingly plodding. Meanwhile, my wife was probably thinking that they are developing the characters really well. I don’t know. I just didn’t get it.

The reason I gave it 2 Icees was because of the beauty of the scenery, and because of the interaction between Monkey, Beetle and Kubo.  I wish there had been more of that, and more of… well… everything enjoyable.  Forget the trailers for this movie. If you go to see it, know that this is like an old story being told, complete with magic, fantasy and no real basis in reality.  My wife said that Jessica (you know who you are) would probably like it, but her kids wouldn’t. I don’t think any young children would enjoy this movie… especially after Secret Life of Pets and even (gulp) Finding Dory.  But if your kids enjoy artistry, then I guess they might like it… a little… maybe.

We watched it in 3D and I don’t think that helped the movie out at all as I don’t think they took advantage of the technology.  At least my wife and I agreed on that.

There is some animation during the credits, but nothing worth sticking around for. No scenes after the credits. Next week, Mechanic: Resurrection.