I give this 2 Icees (out of 5), but mainly because I’m a big Statham fan. If I weren’t I would say that this mechanic should been left dead. This is a true “are you a fan of the actor” movie. If you like Statham as I do, you’ll enjoy this movie, but not love it.  If you could take him or leave him, wait until this comes out on Netflix (which usually takes around 5 years it seems). Maybe you could Redbox it.

The good… Well, he had some really good action/fighting scenes, which is what you like him for. He had a couple of short shirtless scenes for the ladies, and Jessica “I thought she quit acting” Alba had a bikini scene for the gentlemen. That’s really about it.

The bad…  The rest of the movie. The plot was only “sufficient”, with many dead spots in the movie. It definitely wasn’t your normal fast-paced Statham film. Tommy Lee Jones shouldn’t have been listed as high up in the credits as he was, as his part is minor to say the least. Jessica seems to have forgotten about how to act during her sabbatical from movie making. All of the acting could have been better. The “romance” felt forced.

It really is just a good movie if you like to see him fight and shoot up people.  Maybe he could be the next Bond?  Just a thought.

No scene after the credits as reported by aftercredits.com