This was a movie worthy of the 4.5 Icee rating it is getting from me! It’s not perfect (which is why it didn’t get a 5), but it does do a great job of showing what Captain Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger went through during the aftermath of the Miracle On The Hudson back in 2009 (yes, it was that long ago).  Although this movie is does an excellent job of showing us what he went through after the crash, including the psychological effects of self-doubt. The one knock I have on this movie is that for a movie titled, “Sully”, it really doesn’t do much to let us know who he is and where he came from.  The few flashbacks that it does show are short and really not that telling.  I would have liked a little move backstory / character development on him.

This movie is very moving in parts, and did have my wife weeping (okay, it almost brought a tear or two to my eyes as well). The movie also shows some of the passengers and what they went through, but really the focus is on Sully… as it should be since his name is the title after all.

I would classify this movie as a bio-documentary with Hollywood dramatic license, and a very good one. If you like movies based on actual events, you’ll really enjoy this one.  Now keep in mind, these are “based on actual events” and are not a true total depiction.  As an example, the NTSB here is portrayed as very prosecutorial and the real Sully asked that the characters names be changed because they weren’t that way in real life.  I also read an article where Tom Hanks (who gave an Oscar nomination worthy performance) told Sully that, “I’m going to say things you never said and do things you never did”… because… well…  Hollywood. Despite that, this is still an excellent movie worth seeing.

There are a couple of scenes during the credits and although this is a bit of a spoiler I think it is worth it to let you know whether you’ll want to see it or not. They reunite the real Sully with many of the survivors from that day, and you get to see him and his wife which is a nice touch.

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