Storks is a funny movie that is worthy of 3.5 Icees (out of 5). It’s not “fall down laughing” funny, but it is really humorous with a good family message behind it.

The main concept of this story (without having real spoilers) is that Tulip is an orphan there at the distribution center.  So Tulip is an orphan and for reasons I can’t say without giving a spoiler her and the main stork character, Junior, have to deliver a baby.  Of course along the way there are pitfalls and bad guys… you know, the normal stuff. Tulip (the female human character) is really skitzoid and could use something to calm her down. She is really all over the place, which provides some chuckling during the early parts of the movie. On a side note, there really is a website, and apparently it is for a series of grocery stores in the Southwest part of the US.  Talk about free advertising!  I wonder how much money changed hands between Dreamworks and Corner Store?  Or will there be a lawsuit in the works for copyright infringement? Hmmm..  Oh well, back to the story.

Meanwhile, in the human world the movie also focuses on a family with a narrative that is pretty much beat over our heads: Don’t be so wrapped up on work you forget your kid(s).  I get it, but I kind of think that this premise could have been much funnier than it was, which is one of the reasons it didn’t get a higher ranking.  This movie is funny, and there were many times in the theater that the kids had a good laugh, but it just wasn’t outstanding. There was nothing that made me think, “wow”.  It was just a good way to occupy kids for an hour and a half.  I think with the lack of movies out there right now for kids, this should do very well, maybe even winning the weekend.  But forget any staying power with Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children coming out next week, which is the movie I will be reviewing!

If you have young kids, they will undoubtedly enjoy this movie, so you should take them.  There are “pictures” of babies during the first part of the credits but nothing afterwards.