This throwback to classic westerns earns a 4 Icee rating (out of 5).  This is the best western genre movie I’ve seen in years. Now it’s been forever since I saw the original Magnificent Seven so I don’t remember anything about it, and I never saw the movie Seven Samurai that the first Mag 7 was a remake of, so I am judging this movie strictly on its own merits. Isn’t that what I should do anyway?

This movie has a LOT of killing. I don’t know if equals out to an Expendables movie, but it’s not far off.  Although, with all the killing, it really isn’t graphic.  There’s insinuated graphic, but no real actual graphic death in this film. Now that I think of it, that’s just like old-time westerns. There is some language but not an excessive amount by any means (after all, it’s not a Melissa McCarthy movie).

I thought the plot was really well-developed. There’s a town in need of savin’, and these guys are hired to do it.  I do wish they had made the movie just a bit longer (runtime is 132 minutes) in order to better develop the characters, but that’s really the only glaring issue with the movie.  Are some of the lines cheesy?  Sure, but again… classic western.  Are these people absolutely unbelievable marksmen?  Sure, but again… classic western.  See a theme here? They even have a scene or two where everyone is staring at one-another, just like in a… well, you know!  In addition, there are great dramatic scenes. Even though the movie is 2hrs long, it feels like it flows really well and holds your attention throughout. There are some scenes where it’s really intense. Yes, there’s a bit of humor, but not enough to take away from the general feel of the movie, which is gritty… and good!

If you are looking for a good ol’ fashioned shoot’em up cowboy movie, this just might be the one for you! That is unless you want to find a really old western on Netflix. I think they have movies from the 60’s now. Heaven knows they don’t have anything more recent!

One final observation before I close this post out. This was a good example of how Hollywood made a concerted effort to have diversity in its movie and it worked! Let’s hope that this can be the start of something positive.

There are no scenes after the credits. Next week, I will be reviews Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children, hopefully on Thursday night!