Sadly, the best I can give this movie is 3 Icees (out of 5). Tim Burton has made some great movies, some “bleh” movies and at least one really bad one (does Dark Shadows ring a bell?). This movie falls into the “bleh” category for more than half the film and then becomes interesting and exciting way too late, but well enough to raise it up to the 3 Icee rating. I never read the book so I am going strictly by the movie and what I thought of it (as always).

The movie starts out slowly and stays there for awhile. I get character development, I really do. However, this just took too long. I think we were at least 1/2hr before Miss P was even shown. Way too much time was spent with poor Jake and his “issues” and it just drug out for what seemed like forever.  Now, once the danger starts then things start going good, and it was really good. I wish they had more of the kids using their abilities in a fight instead of spending so much time before that point.

Eva Green does a good job of playing a quirky character (I guess Helen Bonham Carter was busy), and the children are pretty good little actors, especially for kids. All except Enoch. That character was supposed to be peculiar (get it?), but I don’t think this actor did a good job at all with him. But then again, the actor is 20 so he doesn’t qualify as a “kid”… just a bad actor, at least in this film.

I was asked by one of my readers to talk a little bit about why this was Rated PG13 and if her young children could handle it.  There is no sex in the movie (just a kiss). The “scariness” is probably the reason this got it’s rating and I would agree that really young kids (6 and below) should probably stay away.  I think the easiest way to put this is if your kids could watch any of the Harry Potter movies, they won’t have any problem with this one. There is violence and the killing of beasts, but nothing that was graphic at all.

My recommendation is that unless you’re just really a fan of the book, wait until this comes out on video. It’s definitely not one of Burton’s best at all.

There are no scenes during or after the credits. Next week, The Girl On The Train.