This movie is a solid 3.5 Icees out of 5.   I know that sometimes when you see a rating like 3.5, it makes you think that this is a movie you should skip.  I don’t think that’s true at all. This is a very good movie, but it just has a few too many problems with it.  First, the performance of Emily Blount as an alcoholic and the primary focus of the movie is outstanding. Supported by some strong supporting performances, the movie is a good solid movie in the style of Gone Girl (although not quite as good). I found myself understanding each of the three ladies featured in the movie, and for totally different reasons. I think one good thing they did is not to make everyone all good or all bad, but to make them feel real.  The men in the film though were too stereotypical for my taste.

Although the movie has great short stretches of intensity, it also suffers from many other stretches where it seems to plod along. I’ve never read the book (because I just don’t read) but as great as everyone tells me the book is, I think perhaps somewhere the adaptation into the movie just seemed to be missing something.

How can I give it 3.5 Icees after that last sentence?  Good question!  Although there were parts that did move slowly, it still somehow drew me in. Even though you know the perpetrator about 3/4 of the way through, you still want to see how it unfolds.  Will that person be caught?  Who will live and who will die? I found myself drawn in and I didn’t mind it a bit. Granted, the twists in this movie aren’t as good as some, but I think there is enough in this movie that it is worth seeing.

Some people have asked me to talk about the intensity, violence and sexuality of the film. It is intense in places, but if you made it through Gone Girl, you won’t have any problem with this one. There is a couple of scenes of violence and if you’re drawn into the movie as I was you will flinch when it happens, but nothing really graphic. As far as the sexuality, there is a few sex scenes, but none of them are long-lasting or gratuitous. This isn’t 50 Shades of Murder. Sex plays a role in this movie and I think the scenes fit that.

So, I would recommend seeing this movie, but just don’t go in there looking for a masterpiece. Look forward to a decent film and enjoy.

There are no scenes after the credits. I am not at my normal job this week so I am hoping to post 2 or 3 more reviews this week leading up to next weekend, when I will be catching/reviewing The Accountant and Max Steel (and maybe Kevin Hart:What Now? if I can fit it in).