This very moving movie gets 4.5 Icees out of 5.  The only thing stopping it from getting the last half of an Icee is the fact that some of the BP corporate culpability was glazed over.  I know that this is a Hollywood version that is merely “based on actual events”, but it is still a strong, moving story. The intensity once the rig blows is amazing.  Edge of your seat amazing.

Mark Wahlberg gives a strong performance as does most of the cast. He and Kate Hudson had some really good chemistry and they really made it believable that they were husband and wife. The only performance I didn’t care for was that of John Malkovich’s, who I think took his character a little to the extreme.  Perhaps that is because he bore the weight of the BP corporation as the bad guy in the film. I don’t know. It just seemed out of sorts to me.

I will warn you that if you “get into” a movie like this as I do, you will need plenty of tissue at the end. The movie does a great job of paying respect to the 11 people that lost their lives on that day. This movie is powerful in its direction, editing and storytelling.  They don’t do a lot of backstory on the workers, but just enough so that you hope they aren’t part of the 11. They show heroism on the part of some, and the need to survive on all.

If you like strong movies based on actual events, this is a must-see!