Sadly, the best I can with any integrity give this movie is 2.5 Icees out of 5.  Ever watch one of those movies that you kind of enjoy but really can’t recommend?  This is one of those movies for me. I enjoyed it, but can’t really think of anything great to write about it.

To start off, this is supposed to be a comedy, and although it has some funny moments I can’t really say the movie is “funny”.  For me, the problem in this movie wasn’t the actresses, it was a mix of bad writing and some of the work by the actors.  It stars Zach Galifianakis who I normally don’t care for at all. In this movie, some of his shtick seemed forced and didn’t work well.  Some did. Jon Hamm floated between… well I can’t really say or else it would be a spoiler. Let’s just say his character wasn’t consistent in my opinion. Isla Fisher was really good in this movie and should do more comedy.  Gal “Wonder Woman” Gadot was sexy (as always) and really carried the few actions scenes really well.  That makes me even more anxious to watch Wonder Woman when it comes out.

The script for this movie was dull in many places and what they thought was comedy just didn’t work for me.  Yes, there were a couple of times I laughed, but there just wasn’t enough.  This movie had so much potential and it just wasn’t realized.  As I said at the beginning, I enjoyed this movie but I really can’t say it is a “must see”.  Maybe wait until it comes out on video and then grab some popcorn and watch it.

One other thing. This movie had what I now call “Suicide Squad Syndrome”, where some of what appeared to be great lines/scenes just aren’t in the movie!  For example, if you are looking forward to seeing Zach yell, “HELP” into his tie you will be disappointed. Also, Isla’s “Mommy wants to cuddle” line doesn’t exist.  I really think that there should be some type of law that says if it’s in the trailer, it has to be in the movie.  Just sayin’

No scene after the credits.  This Saturday, we’re watching Jack Reacher: Never Go Back. Let’s hope it delivers!