This latest entry into the Marvel Universe gets a strong 4 Icees out of 5.  It has everything a Marvel movie should have, but somehow seemed tempered a bit.  It has astonishing visuals, especially in 3D IMAX. You’ve seen them on the trailers and they looked even more awesome on the big screen. Now before I go on, for those of you that are not regular readers of mine I should disclose that I really have enjoyed all the Marvel movies and so my rating my be slightly skewed up a tad from other reviews you’ll see. With that being said…. I really enjoyed it!

It has the typical Marvel formula hero. First a conceited jerk, only to eventually become a hero.  Sound familiar? Let’s see…  Iron Man, Thor, yep… along those lines. Benedict does a great job with this character. Now keep in mind that this is coming from someone who never heard of Doctor Strange until this movie was announced awhile back, so when I say he does a great job, I am basing that solely on the movie and not whether or not he portrayed the comic book character accurately. I also liked that they developed him well enough without spending too much time on it.  I also thought that the supporting cast each played their roles excellently.

There is also the standard Marvel humor, as is the norm of course.  Although this wasn’t over-the-top Tony Stark type of humor where every phrase contains a one-liner, it still delivered well when the humor was there.  It was well-timed and delivered perfectly.  I think the best humor was delivered by The Ancient One (Tilda Swinton).  There is also plenty of action of course. Basically a typical well-done Marvel movie.  It wasn’t overwhelming but it certainly was enjoyable!

If you liked the previous Marvel movies, you should enjoy this one as well. There is a scene during the credits, and then another one after the credits.  Enjoy!

On Saturday I will be reviewing the movie Trolls!