This 4-Icee movie (out of 5) is not your typical alien invasion movie.  This is extremely well-done, but I have to confess this is one of those movies where I enjoyed the journey more than the destination.  If you are looking for a typical movie of this genre where there’s all types of battles going on, you will be very disappointed.  If you are looking for an intelligent, thought-provoking film, then this is the one for you.

Amy Adams does an excellent job with her character. You feel her pain throughout the film, based on something that happens in the first 15 minutes.  Jeremy Renner does a stellar job in a non-action role (which it’s good to see him in that type of role). He’s actually a science guy in this one!  Of course, Forrest Whitaker gives his normal exceptional performance.

Telling what I like without giving out spoilers is difficult, but here’s my best shot.  I love the story of how the planet reacts when the aliens arrive. I can see everything that happened in the film happening in real life should such an event occur.  As I mentioned before, the pain felt by Amy Adams’ character is well-done throughout the film as well.  As you’re watching this you’ll think, “Why did they put that there?  That doesn’t make any sense.”  Trust me that it will once you get closer to the ending.

Speaking of the ending, that’s where I thought the movie let us down.  There was a huge drop off of things not articulated, and I think that perhaps the movie (just under 2hrs long) could have done a better job if they spent just a little more time.

In any event, I recommend this movie if you like thinking while watching a film.  If you only like action movies, step clear of this one.  No scene after the credits.

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