This movie is a semi-funny movie that 2 Icees (out of 5) is all I could give.  There were some moments in this movie that I chuckled and maybe once laughed out loud.  Otherwise, it was just ok.  To its credit, it’s not as stupid-funny as I had anticipated it being, but it wasn’t really funny either, if you know what I mean.

This film definitely earns its R rating. That is true for the language, brief nudity, sexual content, drug use, etc, etc, etc.  Jason and Jennifer seem to end up in these movies a lot, and seem to get type cast a lot. Jason as the nice guy in a tough situation and Jennifer as the witch (family friend review here).  Olivia Munn was ok as well.  Nobody, to include T.J. Miller did a great job. There really wasn’t much imagination to the plot or the story itself, but there were a few funny moment.

Basically, I wouldn’t recommend this movie at all. It’s still not as bad as Hail Caesar, but then again, I don’t know if anything could be.  There are some out-takes during the credits but nothing afterwards.

Later today, I will be reviewing Miss Sloane, and hopefully it will be better!