This movie only gets 3 out of 5 Icees, which still isn’t bad, but it’s not really “Star Wars” worthy.  The main reason this movie gets the high rating is because of the action and special effects (although a couple of CGIs were done really bad.. but more on that in a moment).

This movie has everything you’d expect from a Star Wars movie. Fighting, air battles, one-liners and things like that.  However, this movie is also very predictable (after all, we know they get the plans…). The lines are often plastic and unimaginative. This movie has no surprises. It tells a story and tells it ok.. I guess.

The best character in this movie is K-2SO, the newest droid in the Star Wars universe. His no holds barred approach is both funny and refreshing, especially when everything else around it is depressing and uninspiring.  Unfortunately, you don’t see enough of him (and one of his best lines shown in the trailers is not in the movie).

Felicity Jones, who is having a good year, gives an acceptable performance, but not great.  Nothing like the actresses before her. I don’t know if it was her acting (which I doubt because I’ve seen her in other things and she can act) or if it was the cardboard writing.

Without spoiling too much, let me just say that not everyone makes it out… and you’re not invested enough in the characters to care when they don’t.

The effects are great, as they are in all the movies of this franchise.  With two notable CGI exceptions. They bring back two characters from the original 1977 movie via CGI and it just looks soooo bad it’s not even funny. They look like cartoon characters placed into the film (remember Roger Rabbit?).

If you’re a Star Wars nut, you’ll enjoy this movie, but if you are just a casual fan of the franchise you’ll find it ok but not overwhelming.  No scenes after the credits