I give this movie 2 Icees out of 5. This movie has been killed by the critics and I can certainly see why.  The only reason that this movie even got as high of a rating as it did was because of the well choreographed fight scenes and the cinematography when he is in the Animus.  Otherwise, this movie is not very good.

The plot is pretty straight forward without any twists. The fight scenes, especially early on have no sense of real danger to them as you know his former self (sorta) has to get out of it in order to do the thing that I can’t tell you about because then it would be a spoiler.

The script made little use of the talented actors that were in this movie.  To me, this is yet another failure of an attempt to transition a video game into a movie.  They did leave it open for a sequel, but I sincerely doubt we’ll be seeing one, unless this movie just explodes overseas or something.

There is no scene after the credits.