This delightful animated film gets 4 Icees out of 5. It’s finally here.  The movie that has been hyped for several months with what seemed like a hundred trailers and commercials. Often when something has this much hype, it doesn’t measure up.  That wasn’t the case here as Sing delivers on most levels.

There’s comedy (including an unnecessary fart routine), and although it’s not laugh-out-loud funny as many times as I would like, it does make you smile often. I can see where little kids will really like it (and those in the theater did).

The music is fantastic. Whether it is a moving rendition of Hallelujah, a Taylor Swift song, or even a Frank Sinatra song, it all seemed to work and work well. There’s no title tune like there was with Trolls so you don’t have to worry about getting a certain song stuck in your head.  Just snippets of really good music with a decent story around it. The characters (other than one I will write about next) are done well enough that you enjoy them, where they come from, and how the perform on stage.

One more gripe, and one reason that I lowered the rating a bit…  The main character, Mr. Moon is a guy that lies regularly, steals electricity, ducks responsibility and yet is portrayed as a good guy in the movie.  I kind of had a problem with that has he never really suffers any repercussions for the wrong things he does. It just all seems ok, and that’s dangerous when little kids are watching… in my humble opinion.

Okay, enough of that… The movie is fun and enjoyable and is a good movie to see during the holiday time off.

During the credits you get to see squid sing, but otherwise there are no scenes during or after the credits.