This movie murderously earns its 3.5 Icee rating.  Remember the original John Wick movie?  Someone killed his dog and stole his car… Oh yeah, they beat the heck out of him too.  Well, then he went on a killing rampage that was quite the event to behold.  Well, you see a lot of the same in this sequel. I won’t spoil the “why” he goes on yet another killing campaign, but just know that blood will be a-spurtin’ and his signature double-tap (once to the body and once to the head) repeats itself over and over.

If you loved the first movie, you will like this one very much. I think the action is just as good, even if sometimes it seems to go on for just a bit too long. As was the case with the first film, there isn’t much dialog (thank goodness, because I’m not quite a fan of Keanu’s acting abilities), but it is more than made up for with bloody action.

Another face that is in this film is Ruby Rose. You may remember her from my review of the latest XXX movie.  Well, she is in this one and although sometimes she looks more like boy than a woman, her bone structure is still amazing.  I hope that these two movies really start her off well on her career.

So if you were a fan of the first movie, or any of the Expendables movies, you’ll enjoy this one.  I don’t know if it quite the “Valentine’s Day” movie, but it is a fun one to watch! Enjoy…

There are no scenes during or after the credits.