The Great Wall is a really good movie and gets 4 Icees (out of 5). The best features of this movie, which was directed by Yimou Zhang are the grand scale, costuming and action scenes.  The pace of this movie was also well done as there were not many slow-moving parts to it and it pretty much moved the story along throughout.

Remember the Beijing Olympics opening cermony? The pagentry. The coordination. The drums. The beauty of movement.  These things exist throughout this movie and I found it breathtaking.

The acting was ok.  Nothing to go on and on about, but servicable for the plot. This was more than made up for by the action scenes as they were battling against the creatures that the wall was built to keep out. Speaking of these creatures (and I won’t give too much away here), I liked they way they characterized them as something other than dumb animals.

The wardrobe was another thing that reminded me of the Olympic opening ceremony.  I can’t really say why, but it did.  I think that this costuming is deserving of awards.  Whether it will win or not is another thing entirely.

Now, there is death and heavy violence, but it stops just short of being graphic enough to get an R rating (it’s PG-13), so I don’t think that I would take pre-teens to this movie.

No scenes during or after the credits.

Next up… Fist Fight, which we will be seeing tomorrow evening.  Of course, a review will follow.