Like most fist fights in real life, this 1.5 Icee movie (out of 5) should never have happened. In fact, the only reason it even received a 1.5 Icee rating is because the last 15 minutes or so were pretty funny. Unfortuately the movie is an hour and a half long and so by the time you get to that part anything even relatively good will seem hilarious compared to what you’ve been watching.

Why am I so down on this? Well, it’s pretty simple. Until the end it’s just really not funny.  Is it crude? Yes. Is it a bad concept? Yes. I mean, do we really a need a movie about an angry black man trying to beat up a wimpy white man right now?  Not that we ever need that, but especially in today’s society this type of movie is just in bad taste. I wonder how much money they had to throw at Ice Cube to even be in it?

As I mentioned previously, the movie does pick up in a hilarious way during the last 15 minutes or so. Did they switch writers? Directors? I don’t know but at least it ended up on a decent note.  The movie more than earns its R-rating with the consistently foul language, some “on a laptop” nudity and rude content throughout.  I know that some people find that stuff funny, but I bet even they won’t like it in this movie.  It’s just… not… funny.  Until the end.

There are a few outtakes as the credits start and a short scene (not worth staying for) after the credits.  Do yourself a favor and just skip this one.  This fight never should have been sanctioned.