This action-packed movie gets 4 Icees out of 5.  This movie delivers on everything you’d expect a Fast and Furious franchise movie to have.  It has action, fight scenes, pretty people and a theme about family.  What this movie doesn’t have, if you care about such a thing, is great acting or continuity with the previous entries into the franchise.

The action is pretty close to non-stop. There are great chase scenes including cars, a tank and a sub (not a spoiler… that was in the trailer). There were great fight scenes with The Rock and Jason Statham pretty much beating anyone up that looked at them cross-eyed. One thing though.  This movie seemed to have a lot more killing… even by “the family”.  I don’t remember previous F&F movies having them doing the shooting/killing, but perhaps that’s just my bad memory. Also, this movie seemed to have more language than the previous installments, but again… my memory.

Although my memory may fade at times, I do remember who killed who in a previous F&F movie and somehow that seems pretty much forgotten as this movie rolls on to the end.  Also, forget about that whole hypothermia thing, because apparently it isn’t really all that because you can get soaked beneath ice and not even be really cold afterwards.  Things like that get under my skin and will lower the rating for me every time.  I just hope this franchise never becomes as bad as the X-Men franchise at that.

As far as the acting goes… well, Vin will never win an Oscar, but Charlize Theron did, and she was the lone acting bright spot in this film, proving she is as good an actress as she is beautiful.  She had previously shown that she can play a cruel bad person (e.g. Snow White and the Huntsman) very well and she just reinforces that here.

But again, you don’t go to an F&F movie to see acting greatness.  You go to see action, cars and pretty people, and there’s plenty of that in this movie!  No scenes after the credits.