This movie, which had so much potential, sadly only gets 2 Icees out of 5.  One of the things I’ve always said is that I’ve never seen Tom Hanks in a bad movie.  Maybe he’s made one before, but if so, I don’t recall it.  Well, now I have one.  It’s not that his performance was bad, because it wasn’t, but the movie itself just didn’t come close to achieving all that it could.

First, let’s discuss Emma Watson’s performance. It was all over the place and it left me wondering what her character’s thoughts were.  First it seemed like she was all for it, and then sceptical, and then all for it and then it ended in a place that… well, I don’t know where she ended up.  Things changed too dramatically and it lacked a consistent flow.

John Boyega is touted in the trailers as someone who has a major role in this movie. I guess they were just trying to bank on his Star Wars: The Force Awakens fame because he had less than 15 minutes total screen time.  His was a character that was never fully developed.

Karen Gillian (who plays Nebula in the Guardians of the Galaxy) was another character that dramatically shifted with no real explanation at all.  She goes from one extreme to another with no transition whatsoever.

In this entire movie, it’s like there was a huge part of the movie that the editor left on the cutting room floor.

The plot of this movie had so much potential, which is the only reason that it even got 2 Icees. What if social media took over our lives and (with a logic that could probably sell in society the way that its going) removed privacy?  Great concept!  Let’s see it work.  It started off like they were slowly exploring that… and then just sort of went out to left field… and then picked it back up again.  It’s just a totally disjointed movie.

Mr. Hanks, sir…. I respectfully report that you have now been in a bad movie.  Hopefully it is your last.  Yours is a name that I count on for excellence, and it just wasn’t there this time.

No scene during or after the credits.