This origin story for the new DC movie universe gets 4.5 Icees (out of 5).  First off, it gets at least 1/2 Icee simply because it is a movie that is long overdue.  A movie featuring a strong female superhero directed by a woman. If for no other reason than that, I hope that this movie is very successful.  From the early returns, that is going to be the case and justifiably so. The movie has everything you could want in an origin story. It has a solid backstory, action sprinkled throughout, and a final battle at the end.

The fight scenes featuring WW are great but to me there just wasn’t quite enough of them. It’s almost like they were trying to emulate the first Captain America in that regard.  Just enough action to make us happy, but not a wealth of it.  I guess we’ll get that when the Justice League movie comes out later this year.

Gal Gadot is great in this role.  Initially I had some issues with the casting because throughout the comics and the original TV show, WW was always someone with blue eyes. Combine that with the fact that her costume looks like it may have been dusted off from the Xena set and I started off with a negative view.  That view was changed somewhat in Batman V Superman and totally changed with this movie.  She plays a strong, fearless character who is also pretty naive (which makes sense considering she spent her whole life on a paradise-type island). I think she is an excellent role model for young girls.

Now speaking of kids, let’s talk just for a moment about the PG-13 rating.  First, it’s PG-13, not PG, not PG-7, but PG-13.  There are some war scenes. There is death. This is a great battle featuring Amazons fighting Nazis toward the beginning of the film.  I say “great” because these strong women defending their land was awesome to watch. But some die, and they all kill, so parents be forewarned that if you bring really young children you’ll need to discuss these topics with them.  There is no gore or anything like that, just shooting, stabbing, slicing and dicing.

Chris Pine, who is an actor I really like, did a really nice job as Steve Trevor.  The chemistry between his character and WW makes this film click.  There is good banter between the two and I think what I liked best is that once he realizes what she can do, he has true respect for WW and her abilities and doesn’t try to protect her all the time in a male chauvinist way. Now this movie is set during WWI, so male chauvinism exists and is shown, but the movie does a good job of representing how stupid that truly is.

With all the good with this movie, there is just a tint of not-so-good (hence the 4.5 and not 5 rating). It is a bit slow in parts and I wish there had been more action scenes.  Otherwise, this is a really good movie and fits in well with the DC universe.

There are no scenes after the credits.