This interesting movie gets 3.5 Icees out of 5.  When I saw the previews for this movie, the thing that attracted me to it was the stunt driving, which looked magnificent.  Then you thrown in Kevin Spacey, Jamie Foxx and Jon Hamm and that made this movie one worth seeing.  I wasn’t disappointed at all.  I didn’t expect it to be a blockbuster, and it wasn’t.  What I didn’t expect is that this movie is a very different type of movie.  For those that know me, you know that I like that sort of thing.  This movie filled that role perfectly.

Yes, it has some great driving stunts. Think Fast and Furious back when it was about the cars, except instead of Lamborghinis or Porsches we have a Subaru and other normal cars.  The moves put on by these were worth the price of admission alone.  Combine that with an interesting story about a reluctant driver and the odd cast of characters around him and this movie does a great job of being out of the norm.

The plot doesn’t have any cool twists and turns and the characters aren’t believable, but it’s fun.  Now it earns its R-rating with the language and the violence but it is a much softer R than some others out there.  No grotesque violence or anything like that.  Just a good ol’ fashioned shooting and bludgeoning movie with some great driving thrown in for good measure.

If you like a movie that isn’t the norm, has some oddball characters and a few great driving scenes… this is the movie for you.  I am not surprised that it has (at the time I am writing this) a 98% critics score and a 91% audience score on  No scenes during or after the credits.