This great kick-off for the new Spider-Man franchise gets a well-deserved 4.5 Icees out of 5.  You may note that I called this a “kick-off” and not an “origin movie”.  Thankfully, they didn’t have us go through him getting bit by a spider or watch Uncle Ben die again, although they did elude to both events.  If you know your Marvel movies then the following will make sense to you: This is more like Captain America: The First Avenger than it is The Avengers.

What do I mean by that?  This movie isn’t all action and fun.  It’s more of an in-depth approach showing the life of a 15 year-old that happens to be Spider-Man.  He deals with things like homecoming, Spanish tests and a bully as much as he deals with The Vulture.  He deals with a protective Aunt May (excellently played by Marisa Tomei) and a best friend who is a little over the top. You know… regular teenager stuff.

Now I don’t mean that there isn’t any action, just not as much as the trailers may lead you to believe.  Speaking of the trailers….  I don’t get what these moviemakers think when they show you scenes in a trailer and then don’t put it in the movie.  If you’re looking for Peter to get a kiss from the girl he has a crush on… don’t… it’s not there.  Other trailer scenes are either shot from different angles, have different lines in them, or just aren’t there.  It’s my pet peeve and sure enough, this one has it.  Why people???  Why???

On the plus side, this movie is really done well. The acting is good as you’ll believe that Tom Holland is 15 (he’s 20), that he’s from New York (he’s British) and that he has a whiny voice (whether he does or not, I really don’t know).  Zendaya has a smaller role than I thought, but I believe they are setting it up for her to have a larger role in the future.  Laura Harrier plays Liz, the object of Peter’s affection and does an adequate job. One drawback on her character.  Will a pretty high school senior girl really consider going with a sophomore? Michael Keaton does a good job as The Vulture and some of his lines make you think about things.  Like who really does clean up the mess that happens during all the Avengers movies?  Humorously, another government agency is created, but I won’t spoil it for you with the name…  just know it should make you chuckle.

If you’re a true Marvel fan like me, you’ll really enjoy this movie.  If you’re not a superhero movie fan, then I still think you’ll like this movie because of the way that they decided to approach it.  It seems like they are aiming at a younger audience (of which I am not) and I will be curious to find out if they hit their mark.

There is a scene during the credits and one at the end.  The one at the end is kinda funny, but not really a plot-moving scene.