This atomic movie gets 3.5 Icees out of 5.  This movie is based on a graphic novel, and graphic is a perfect descriptor for what this movie is.  The fight scenes are is graphic. The gun shots are graphic. The sex scene (1) is graphic. The language is graphic.  Everything is graphic.  With that being said, I really enjoyed this movie and if graphic doesn’t bother you, I think you will too.

I never had pictured Charlize Theron as an action hero.  The image I had of her is that of The Italian Job or even Fast and Furious 8… a beautiful woman who is strong, but in a non-physical way.  Well, that’s all changed now!  She can handle herself just fine, thank you very much.  She is 100% bad to the bone and can rock with anyone.  I think the thing I most enjoyed about the fight scenes (and one of them goes on for quite some time) is not only how graphic they are, but how realistic they are. They aren’t the clean punch or kick and the person goes flying through the air.  They are fights where it takes several punches at close range to effectively take down the opposition.  You can almost feel the punches yourself as she either hits or gets hit… hard.  As a guy, I do think there are a few too many crotch shots, but then again… I guess that’s the way it would go down too.

The plot is a bit convoluted, but that’s ok.  I consider it a movie with twists rather than convolutions. There are times where it seems to drag, but the fight scenes more than make up for them.  The soundtrack for the movie is great.  Always good to hear some 80s classics and since this takes place in 1989, it works for this movie quite well.

I thought the supporting case did a serviceable job, although nobody really stood out.  Sofia Boutella plays a character far different from what I’ve seen her do so far (Kingsman and The Mummy) and is adequate at it.  I actually would have preferred to see some fighting out of her too because she proved in Kingsman that she can do it, but oh well.  James McAvoy (X-Men: First Class, Split) plays an interesting character (best way to describe it without giving anything away) and does a decent job, but lets face it… this movie was all about the Atomic Blonde and she took command of every scene.

If you don’t mind a movie that earns its R-rating (for sequences of strong violence, language throughout, and some sexuality/nudity) and you like action, I think you’ll like this one.  No scenes during or after the credits.