This movie only gets 3 out of 5 Icees, but could have done so much better.  As my followers know when it comes to movies, I don’t read the books.  Even when it doesn’t come to movies, I don’t read the books.  I get no enjoyment from reading whatsoever.  Obviously then I am basing my review solely on the movie itself and not how well (or badly) it represented the books.  Even though that is the case I could tell one thing for sure.

There was a bunch missing from this movie.  You could just tell.  You get to see a monster or two but you don’t really know anything about them. There’s no real backstory (other than the obvious one the movie hands out), no explanation… just… monsters.  There are humanoids without skin.  Again, no backstory, explanation or even anything obvious that the movie could have handed out.  We just know they loyally follow the “Man in Black”. Speaking of the MIB (had to do it) we learn that he wants to bring in the darkness, but why?  With his powers he could probably rule the worlds without doing that.

Now don’t get me wrong, I did give the movie 3 Icees after all.  There is a lot of good in this movie.  Matthew (I think he’s overrated) McConaughey does a great job with the limited material he is given. The way he uses his magic so casually to end life really portrays what little respect the MIB has for life. Idris Elba does a good job as the Gunslinger but for once… just in one movie… I’d like to see him play a character that isn’t the “man of few words”.  After all, if people are calling for him to be the next James Bond, he’s got to be more than just a few-lines-per-movie type of actor.  But just like ol’ Matty he does well with the limited range he has.  The kid (Tom Taylor) is probably the flattest character in the film but I think the only reason this actor was selected is because he’s really good at giving wide-eyed expressions of surprise, sadness or anger.

The movie is only 95 minutes long.  I guess they just wanted to get this movie out since I’ve read that there has been a clammering for it for a few years now, but this isn’t what those clammering were hoping for.  They could have spent another 30 minutes to give these characters more depth and meaning, or set up the situation more than a couple of sentences here and there.

It really seems I’ve talked more about the bad than the good, but the good was good enough to get 3 Icees so I do recommend seeing it… just don’t expect this to be the next blockbuster because it’s not going to hit that goal.  The story flows well with no real surprises contained. It is one of those movies where you have to listen intently to the dialog to catch what little information they give. But if you want a short diversion from everyday life, this will do the trick.

No scenes during or after the credits (thank you