This somewhat exciting movie gets 3 Icees.  How’s that for a ringing endorsement?  It’s not as bad as the people on RottenTomatoes would make you think, but it’s not a “great” movie either.  However, if you’re like me and there just hasn’t been anything out for the last 3 weeks that you have wanted to see, this is a nice diversion before next weekend when the new Kingsman (or Lego Ninjago) movie comes out.

This movie stars Dylan O’Brien (from the Maze Runner movies) and Michael Keaton (yeah, that Michael Keaton).  Apparently this is based upon a series of books (and if you know me you know I haven’t read any of them) and apparently Dylan suffers the same fate that Tom Cruise suffers in the Jack Reacher movies in that he doesn’t fit the physical description that is in the books.  People really need to just get over that and take the movie as a stand-alone and forget the books.  I think you’ll enjoy things more.  Anyway, Dylan does a good job with the action and fight scenes to the point where you really think he knows this stuff.  As far as Keaton goes, his performance of a gruff agent/trainer is great, including a couple of great lines while being tortured (closest to a spoiler I’ll give you).  It also stars someone I’ve not heard of but was impressed with and that is Shiva Negar.

This movie is “raw” at times. Now I don’t mean Quentin Tarantino raw, but a less graphic although still intense version of that. It is a movie about an assassin so there will be killing, fighting, torturing and things of that nature.  If you have seen the trailers you know that people die in the beginning of the movie, and the way it is done is ripped from today’s headlines so be prepared for that.

The plot is pretty straight-forward with no major surprising twists (although maybe a minor one). There’s nothing flashy or spectacular about this movie, which may stop it from getting any sequels (I’ve heard there are 16 books so far out),  but I did enjoy it and therefore have no problems giving it a 3-Icee rating.  If you are bored this weekend and need a tune-up for next weekend, this might just do.  Otherwise, catch it at Redbox in a few months.

There are no scenes after the credits.  Next week: Kingsman: The Golden Circle and The LEGO Ninjago Movie.