This sequel gets a solid 4-Icees.  No, it’s not as original as the original, but if you enjoyed the first one (which I did), then you’ll enjoy this one as well.  It has the same quirky filming style, from the fast action camera shots to the “make fun of all Bond movies” way of writing.

Back are Taron Egerton and Mark Strong (Eggsy and Merlin, respectively), as well as Colin Firth (more on that later on).  In this one they also added some star power by putting in Julianne Moore (as a very campy but capable villain) and Channing Tatum.  However, if you’re going to this movie because Channing is in it, you’ll be very disappointed because he role is very minimal. They also have another superstar in this movie but I don’t want to spoil who he is or what he does (heck, I’ve already told you it was a “he”, isn’t that enough?) but his addition is hilarious.

Now let’s get back to Colin Firth.  When last we saw him he was shot point blank in the head by Samuel “I’m in everything” Jackson.  The way they brought his character back is not believable in any way but it’s a comic-book type movie so I guess if you think of it that way, sure… it works.  I actually think this movie could have been just as good without him, but that’s just me.

As I said earlier, if you enjoyed the first movie, you’ll like this one too. No, it’s not as good as the original, but it’s a decent enough sequel to go enjoy.  Yes, there’s graphic violence similar to the first movie (although let’s face it, we’re never going to top that church scene) but if that and cursing doesn’t bother you, it is a movie you’ll enjoy.

There are no scenes after the credits.  Next week: American Made with Tom Cruise.