This entry in the franchise earns 3.5 Icees.  Let’s face it, they will never do another movie as good as the first one.  That’s just not possible.  The first one was… well… the first.  The first to inject that humor and since then both LEGO Batman and now LEGO Ninjago are simply doing the same thing but with a different theme.  However, each time they do a movie, it’s still funny and will make a ton of money and after all, isn’t that what it’s all about?

They seem to be insistent on inserting a theme in their movies, and this one was no different.  As you can easily figure out from the trailers, this movie is about a story as old as time.  It’s about a son whose father left him when he was young and is now terrorizing the city he and his mother live in.  There is the normal LEGO humor, a few celebrity voices (Jackie Chan, Robin Roberts and Michael Strahan to name a few) and some whacky humor.  There are, in my opinion, too many slow spots in this movie and that’s why it couldn’t make it up to the 4-Icee level, but there is also plenty of humor and action.

You know a kid’s movie is good when the children in the theater are laughing, and for this one, they were laughing and cheering a lot, so if you need something to do with your young children, this movie gets a solid thumbs-up.

There is one out-take scene partway through the credits, but nothing else.