This movie, based on a true story, gets 4-Icees.  I have trouble figuring out what genre to put this movie into.  In many places it felt like a historical-based movie, which I think was its intent since it is “based” on a true story.  I would love to know how much actually happened and how much is Hollywood doing their thing.  Prior to watching this movie, I didn’t know much about Barry Seal, but after watching this movie I have to confess I’d like to know more. In any event, I really enjoyed this film.

I thought Tom Cruise did an excellent job with this character, which really allowed him to just let loose and have fun, which is something he’s good at. Sarah Wright did a good job as his wife, although I think the sex-in-the-airplane scene (which I’m guessing is not based on a true story) was unnecessary, it just added to the fun of the movie.

There is also many scenes where tension rules, which you will have when dealing with drug lords and the CIA. There is some violence, quite a bit of language, and some cameos of Tom’s butt (or that of a stand-in).  If you remember the early 80’s, Iran-Contra, and the beginning of the War On Drugs, this movie will be nostalgic as well as a good film.

I can certainly understand why it has an 87% rating on Rottentomatoes because it’s just, well… a good movie.


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